Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Sweet Jordin Lee

Our Sweet Jordin Lee arrived on April 12th @2:19 p.m. We were all so excited to have her here with us! We were REALLY excited that she only weighed 7.5lbs instead of Shea's 8.4lbs! She came into the world alert and with her tongue hanging out. She wanted to see and taste anything she could I guess! She is an eater too! At two weeks she's already up to 8.2lbs. She is such a great baby! She is always smiling, even if it is at angels! ( I think it's at Steven, who we gave her the middle name Lee after!) Pace and Shea absolutely love her and want to hold her constantly! Daddy is already wrapped around her finger. And me, I love to sit and stare at her. She is so amazing!

Pace and Shea are sooo proud of their new sister. Shea tells everyone, "You want to come see my new Jordin!"

Thanks to Gramma Luvlee for taking these amazing pictures! She captured my sweet little girl so well!

Daddy loves his baby girl! I love this picture!

My little ball of Joy!

I love this picture of Jordin! She is so precious! This is after she peed, pooped, and spit up up all over me! The price we pay for Great pictures!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Shea's Favorite Easter Eggs!
Pace's Favorite Easter Egg

We had such a good Easter this year! Even if we didn't get to spend it with family and had to have Chef Salad for dinner instead of the traditional Easter Dinner. We decorated Easter Eggs, made Tomb cookies (that mom can't stop eating), and had an Easter Egg hunt in our backyard. And of course the kids came in after the Egg Hunt and hid them over and over again in the house for a while longer. Pace loved making the striped Easter Eggs and his Bird from the movie "Up" that the Easter Bunny brought. Shea justed liked finding the eggs and dropping them into the dye. Mom loved what a special Easter it was. Especially when Pace asked her if Steven, Grandpa Homey, and Jesus could come back alive now because it was Easter. I love that he understands the true meaning of it! What amazing kids I have!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oh So Ready!!!

We are sooo ready for our sweet Jordin to get here already. My mom took pictures of my big, huge, enormous belly when I was in Eagar for a week. Here is the proof that she is definately done! Ding, done cooking! My doctor still won't induce me until the 12th so hopefully she decides to come on her own. We'll see! I have to say though, after reading my profile that Ryan wrote for me without me knowing I thought I was going into labor, I laughed soooo hard!