Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jordin's First Birthday! How the year "flew" by!

My amazing friend Marlena made Jordin's adorable invitations! Isn't she great!

Jordin was so excited to see all her favorite people. She smiled through the whole thing! Such a sweet girl!

It was a beautiful Deming, NM spring day. Perfect for a birthday party! Don't you love the entrance to the church!
We were so blessed with amazing family and friends who braved the brown out to celebrate with us!

Luckily the inside didn't match the outside. Inside it was a beautiful spring day!

The dessert table.

Her Mini Pom Garland!

Her very own Gigantic Chocolate Cupcake! Thanks Aunt Mandy for the amazing frosting job! Turned out gorgeous!

The cupcakes topped with Cream Cheese Mint birdies!

Pudding cups and other sweets!

Pink of Perfection!

Cupcake shaped Brownie Balls! Loved how these turned out!

My dollar tree flower ball! Love it!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a "slight" obsession with decorative balls! This is yet another! Thanks to Jo Jo, Gramma Luvlee, Danii and Mandy for helping with all the decorations!

So Gorgeous!

We sure love our Grandpa and Grandma Cowboy, Tori, Ryan, Jim, Polly, Gavin, Pappa, Gramma Luvlee, Mandy, Ryan, Jett, Rex, Asher, Jo Jo, Adam, Merrill, Danii, Kamryn, and Korbi for braving the weather!

And we can't forget our amazing friends! We love you guys too!

And the talent was Spectacular!

One of my very favorite pictures! Shea and Asher LOVE each other!

Morgan's precious little card! Jordin loved it!

She loved the candle, I thought she would love the cake...
Not so much. She liked the frosting and that was about it. She wouldn't dig in. I guess she's too lady-like!

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet baby girl! This year truly has Flewn by! It's been amazing! Love you!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Jordin Lee!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Jordin Lee! I can not believe that you are already one! This year has flown by! It has been wonderful! Here's all about you in a nutshell (or a blogshell) I should say! :) You are the happiest baby I know. You are Always smiling and laughing. I have people ask me all the time if you are ever sad. I can honestly say it's very rare! You make everyone smile with you!
You are quite the Daddy's girl! When he gets home from work you dive out of my arms to him! You Love when he sings to you! You Smile and dance along with him! You have him wrapped around your finger.

You think that Pace and Shea are the funniest things ever. It doesn't matter what they are doing, you laugh! They love to make you laugh!
You LOVE to be outside! You love the wind in your face! It makes you laugh. It's a good thing we live in Deming, there's lots of that!
You love to Swing! You giggle the whole time. You would swing for hours if we let you!
You love to clap and wave goodbye! You smile and wave at everyone and they all smile and wave back. You make happy people wherever you go! You also like to shake your head and say

"uhuh" especially when you are doing something you know you shouldn't. We taught you to shake your head up and down and say "yah" but you have a harder time with that! It kinda resembles head banging!
You LOVE naps. You kick your legs and giggle because you are so excited. We sing "Bushel and a Peck" to you, give you your binky and your blanket and you smile up at us then go to sleep! You are an angel baby!
You absolutely positively are obsessed with your tongue! It was out when you were first born and has been out ever since. You even stick it out as you are eating. Don't know how you do it. You just roll the food around on your tongue. It's so funny!
You are definitely a binky and blanket baby! If you are ever sad we can fix it with a binky and your blanket! You love to rub the minky side.

Your favorite foods are Vanilla Yogurt and Ice cream. Yes I'm knotty, I fed you ice cream. I guess I've got more relaxed with each of my kids.

Your legs are always kicking! Even more so when you're excited!

You LOVE tubs! You are definitely your mamma's girl. You love to splash as much as you can!

You are such a smartie! You already know how a phone works. You will hold it up to your ear and say "hehe". I think your momma talks on the phone to much!

You are a kissing fool!!! You love to kiss wide mouthed over and over and over! It's adorable!

You love to take things out and put them in. You love to throw them behind you or on the floor. When I'm doing laundry I sit you in the pile of socks and you will be entertained for a long time throwing socks into a pile and then doing it again! And you love Kitchen Utensils for the same reason!

We LOVE you tons and tons sweet girl! Can't wait for the next amazing year with you and the next and the next!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shea's 4th Birthday Princess and Knights Style

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Knights and Princesses of the Land. Her royal Highness Princess Shea Shea turned 4! Come join us in this far away land! As they walked through the door to the Royal Castle they were transported back in time.

The first order of business was renaming all the royals.

The Queen waited on her thrown for them to be introduced with their new names! They first drew a "sword out of the stone". (Which somehow I erased the picture of and can't get it back on. Grrrr) On that sword was a number. The number was matched to the royal list of names. They were then presented to her Royal Highness the Queen.

They were given names such as Lady Total de' Saster, Lady Cuke of Umber, Lady Cup of Cake, Sir Ima de' man, Sir French of Frye, Lady High of Maintenance, Lady Sweet of Pea, Sir Stud of Muffin, Lady Ham of Burger, and Lady Butter of Flye.

After they were given new names to keep up with the times they were sent on quests to earn some gold. Since we were in the Modern Medieval Times both the Knights and the Princesses were bringing in the dough! We didn't discriminate!

Their first quest: Jousting. Their was no mercy shown, let me tell you. And of course we were switching out the memory card at this time so we have no pictures.

Second Quest:Knights and Ladies to the Rescue! They had to hop on their trusty steed (noodle), slay the mean ol' dragon (Sweet Ashley), Storm the castle (throw the balls into the castle turrets), then rescue the prince or princess (Barbie and Ken) from the dark scary dungeon (the laundry basket)! We had some very brave knights and princesses. The funniest part is that most of the knights saved the Prince and the Princesses saved the Princess. So much for chivalry! "Have fun stormin' the castle!"-Princess Bride

3rd quest: Kiss the Frog. Pin the Kiss on the Frog! We had some good Kissers! Especially the ones who could see! :) After all their hard work it was off "to Market to Market to buy a fat pig". Okay, maybe not a pig but lots of fun things! They could stop at the notary to get note pads, pencils, and erasers. Finery for all the bling a girl could need! Necklaces, earrings, rings, and crowns. Then the Eatery for some scrumptious food such as rice crispy wands, castle suckers, and big diamond ring pops! The guys made a stop at the armory to get decked out with a sword, tunic and a knightly favor.

After they were all decked out they gathered together in the Banquet Hall for the feast! And in true knights and ladies fashion they ate with their hands!
It was very crowded and loud but such good company!

The Royal Princess sat at the head of the table in her Throne and was the life of the party!
Blowing out her Royal Candle. Wish Big my Precious Princess!!! See Fairy tales do exist!! Happy Birthday my Sweet Shea Shea! I love you!