Thursday, August 19, 2010

Camp Gramma Luvlee!!!!

I'm so bad. I have been meaning to blog about our AMAZING Camp Gramma Luvlee for 2 months and am just getting to it! We went on a Time Travel Adventure! It was soooo much fun!
We were met by the Absent Minded Professor (my dad) and he told us the risks of traveling in his time machine. Let me tell you they were scary! After everyone signed a consent they were aloud to enter the time machine.
This pictue is priceless! We were able to capture what their faces looked like when it first started up. Pappa is a GREAT time machine builder. It had a flashing light, and shook and made a loud sound. The kids were a little freaked at first.
They were greated in the 60's by a very Groovy Chick, Crimson Haze! She'd had one too many Special Brownies but she was able to help them with their Square problem anyways. She taught them the lingo and how to dress!
All in all these Squares turned out to be pretty groovy kids!
Then it was off to Woodstock. What a way to start the show with our very own Jimmy Hendrix! Ryan is such a great sport!
We had some totally awesome performances! Such as: These Boots Are Made for Walking by two very sexy chicks!
Do Wa Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do! Love the shirt Pace!

The Yellow Submarine. Even did Jimmy's dance in there!
I've Got You Babe. Merrill liked the woman thing a little too much! It really ticks me off when he fits into my pants and looks better in them than me! Not fair!

And In the Jungle The Lion Sleeps Tonight! Even though some of the band quit last minute it was very Groovy!

The next day we boarded the time machine and were off to ancient Egypt. I can't figure out why the kids were scared to death this day, can you?
I think my mom thought it would be funny to make me Indiana Jones and see me squeeze my big ol booty through our tiny pyramid opening! We were on a quest to find Cleopatra's gold and her husbands heart! We have some brave little explorers. Okay, not so much!

Some gorgeous Egyptian Princesses! After finding the gold they got to dress like egyptians and eat like them too! We learned all about mummies and tombs! Then that night the older kids got to go on a search for the mummies heart! We had lots of fun scaring the pants off them! It's a good thing the Gilliam girls were there to protect Merrill!

The next day we went back to the caveman and Dinosaurs! First we had to design our skins. Aunt Elizabeth did quite a good job!
We got to design our own spears and were taught to hunt. We even went on a hunt for giant Dino eggs!
The fourth day was Knights and Ladies. Shea told me, "Mom I don't want to be a knight, I want to be a lady so they can rescue me! So cute! They got to all dress up in royal attire. Shea wouldn't take hers off the rest of the week. They had a blast jousting, fighting the mean mean dragon (Merrill, he showed NO mercy!) and doing a relay (don't mess with Danii :).

Being presented to the Queen. Introducing Lady Total de Saster! Okay, she drew that name randomly by pulling a sword from the stone but it couldn't be more fitting!!!!

Pace LOVED being a Knight. So much in fact that he's changing his whole room into a castle! Sir Ham of Burger protecting his lady! Love this picture!
Queen Mandy and Lady (can't remember her name right now). Aren't they gorgeous!
That night at the royal ball the men had to woo the lady's. Here is Shea's Knight in Shining Armor!
Love Love Love this picture! Jordin with her Knight in Shining Armor! Okay what girl wouldn't want him after seeing this picture! I have the sweetest nephew in the world!

On the last day we were taken to the 50's and that's where we stayed! Here's Pace in the "Lay the Kiss on Elvis Game"! Love the red lips buddy! All my other pictures from this day got erased and I can't figure out how to get them back on. Bummer!
On the last day the Dads all came and got to do some of the games the kids liked best! What fun it was to laugh at them doing them! Especially the Lay the Kiss on Elvis Game which of course got deleted with my other pictures some how. Grrrr....
That night we had a 50's Sock Hop at Dan's Diner! It was a blast! Especially because we had our favorite people in the world there! The Gilliams! We love them! Who else would dress up with us and be crazy! Camp Gramma Luvlee wouldn't be complete without them!
Jordin even had a poodle skirt! Gramma Luvlee is so cute! Love this picture!
Here's the family at the sock hop! I know, so attractive!
Thank you Gramma Luvlee and Pappa for an AMAZING Camp Gramma Luvlee! We had a blast and made tons of memories we'll never ever forget!!! I know that when I go back in time this will be at the top of my memories to visit!!! We love you tons and tons!