Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Warm and Fuzzy Christmas!

We were all soooo excited for Christmas this year! Even Jordin was, although she's not sure why!

Here's my sweet girl in her Christmas dress. I tried to get one with all three but Jordin wouldn't cooperate.
Pace and Shea in their fancy Christmas Duds. Pace even picked his tie this year.

Our Magical Christmas at Gramma Luvlee and Papa's house. Santa even left footprints. Pace found them at 2 o'clock in the morning and almost woke up all the kids. Thankfully Papa was awake when he did it or they may have had Christmas while we slept!

Christmas Eve morning the kiddos got to make cookies for Santa. They put lots of time and decorations (and tongues hanging out) into each one! In the end they got to eat three and give one to Santa. Pace and Shea both picked their smallest. I think they were just helping Santa watch his weight!!! :)

Shea ended up with more cookie dough in her mouth than on the pan. She is her mother's child!

On Christmas Eve we had an amazing dinner and then we had a little program. It started out with our little "Angels" singing Silent Night. It was sooo sweet. Little Pace sang his heart out. Made my eyes sweat a little!!

Every family had to come prepared with a talent. Since we live in Deming we decided to do Feliza Natividad. Pace was our lead vocals, Shea and Tip on guitar, and Jordin and I on maracas. This is what happened after Pace whipped out the Jumping Beans. Things got a little crazy!

A Christmas tradition we have is new PJ's on Christmas Eve. Here's all the cousins that were there in their Christmas finest!

Since we were little we always acted out the Nativity Scene. It's probably one of my very favorite traditions! I LOVED being able to watch my own precious children participate in it! Pace was a Wise Man, Shea was Mary, and Jordin got to be Baby Jesus. All I have to say is that Mary really did love her Baby Jesus!

Tuff as the Star, Lauren the Angel, Asher and Rex as the Shepherds, Katie and Pace as the Wise Men, Jett as Joseph, Shea as Mary and Jordin as Baby Jesus.

Pace has a very vivid imagination and so he gets a little scared of things like tooth fairies, leprechauns, and Easter bunnies. But not Santa. For some reason he absolutely LOVES Santa. He even put out Reindeer food for the Reindeer. They ate it all up and dropped a bell on the sidewalk. He told me he was going to keep it for always. Then Santa brought him a star to put on his tree and he said , "Mom, Santa must really like me. He gave me a star, a bell and a bike." Yes Pace Santa does Love you! You're a special boy!

Shea wanted "a Girl, a Boy and a Horse" from Santa this year. (from Rapunzel) She also wanted a "Tinker Bell Crown." Luckily Santa was able to get it for her. She was one excited girl! This year she was almost more excited to hand out presents and collect the wrapping paper from everyone else's than opening her own. I had to keep refocusing her. It was all to exciting.

Daddy got a Six Pack for Christmas. That is a six pack of Dr Pepper in a fanny pack. What a lucky man he is. Actually he got a gun and was VERY excited about it! He must have been a good boy! And do you love the PJ's? When we were first married I bought him Jammas every Christmas and he would never wear them again. So this year I just re wrapped some of his old ones. He was a great sport and wore them the whole time! He just needed a night cap!

Jordin didn't care what she got. It was all just so exciting to her. She was all smiles the whole time!
It was an amazing Christmas, with amazing food, amazing memories, and amazing people! And make sure you come back in a couple of days for the "Brown Network Food Challenge... Ginger Bread Houses." You'll never guess who won the 10 cent prize, certificate and ginger bread trophy! No not Brother! You'll have to see!!! :)