Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ready Or Not I'm Growing Up!

Pace's First Day of Kindergarden! You can tell who is Grandma is because he posed for a million different pictures! He was so excited he practically ran out the door!

Eating Breakfast at school for the first time. Everyone gets free breakfast and lunch at his school. He was so excited to eat in the Cafeteria like a big boy!

Shea wasn't quite as excited for him to be going to school. She had a really hard time! I have to admit. I did too! Just cried a little though.

Pace lined up with his class to go inside. Mrs. Snow, his teacher, is counting them. 36 Students! They are hiring a new teacher very soon! Poor lady!

This is a picture Pace made in Preschool. It says, " My Mom the queen is waiting for my Dad to come and get her!". "The dragon is trying to get the Knight away from the castle." I'm so glad someone realizes I'm the Queen! Cute boy!
Pace lost his first tooth and was sooooo excited to put it under his pillow and have the tooth fairy come. As the night got closer he got less and less excited. When it was time for bed he was scared to death to go into his room. He was so scared that she would come when he was still awake and scare him. He was so scared that we finally had to call the tooth fairy and ask her if she could come the next day while he was at swim lesson instead. The tooth fairy said that was fine and when I hung up with her Pace was staring at me in amazement. He said, "You just talked to the tooth fairy, that's so cool!"

Pace with his dollar from the tooth fairy!

He's not so scared in the day time. Okay he was! He wouldn't even go into his room after swim lessons without me and his dad. Goofy kid!

Putting his tooth under his pillow!

He's growing up! So exciting and yet so sad! Love you Pacer Bug!