Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jordin's First Birthday! How the year "flew" by!

My amazing friend Marlena made Jordin's adorable invitations! Isn't she great!

Jordin was so excited to see all her favorite people. She smiled through the whole thing! Such a sweet girl!

It was a beautiful Deming, NM spring day. Perfect for a birthday party! Don't you love the entrance to the church!
We were so blessed with amazing family and friends who braved the brown out to celebrate with us!

Luckily the inside didn't match the outside. Inside it was a beautiful spring day!

The dessert table.

Her Mini Pom Garland!

Her very own Gigantic Chocolate Cupcake! Thanks Aunt Mandy for the amazing frosting job! Turned out gorgeous!

The cupcakes topped with Cream Cheese Mint birdies!

Pudding cups and other sweets!

Pink of Perfection!

Cupcake shaped Brownie Balls! Loved how these turned out!

My dollar tree flower ball! Love it!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a "slight" obsession with decorative balls! This is yet another! Thanks to Jo Jo, Gramma Luvlee, Danii and Mandy for helping with all the decorations!

So Gorgeous!

We sure love our Grandpa and Grandma Cowboy, Tori, Ryan, Jim, Polly, Gavin, Pappa, Gramma Luvlee, Mandy, Ryan, Jett, Rex, Asher, Jo Jo, Adam, Merrill, Danii, Kamryn, and Korbi for braving the weather!

And we can't forget our amazing friends! We love you guys too!

And the talent was Spectacular!

One of my very favorite pictures! Shea and Asher LOVE each other!

Morgan's precious little card! Jordin loved it!

She loved the candle, I thought she would love the cake...
Not so much. She liked the frosting and that was about it. She wouldn't dig in. I guess she's too lady-like!

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet baby girl! This year truly has Flewn by! It's been amazing! Love you!